March 27, 2023
tthu thats the hook up graffiti

What to do if you get busted for graffiti – #1 SHUT UP!

tthu thats the hook up graffiti


Seriously! Keep your damn mouths shut!

As quoted today from a article:

“A 21-year-old Boston man was arrested early this morning after police caught him allegedly vandalizing a city street sign, Boston Police said.

“I’m a street artist expressing my creativity,” Colby Amadeo told police after he was found in the Mission Hill area of Roxbury allegedly painting over a street sign, a statement from police said.

Boston Police Officer James Kenneally said Amadeo was defacing a red and white Do Not Enter sign with gray paint.

Amadeo attempted to conceal the paint by putting it in his pocket when police approached him, according to the statement.

Officers on patrol in the area of Oswald and Hillside streets found Amadeo around 12:05 a.m., police said.

Amadeo was charged with damage to property by graffiti vandalism.

Kenneally said there was no information about what Amadeo was painting on the sign.”

What the fuck is wrong with you new jacks! Never admit guilt. Don’t talk to cops. Get a lawyer first. “I’m a street artist expressing my creativity”. SHUT THE FUCK UP. You just won the case against yourself. But hey, he was arrested in J.P. and will just get 6 months of prohbation or continuance without a finding and the option to pay out for community service (About $250 last time I checked) and another $250.00 or so in fines or fees for a public defender. Then again, um, it’s not like I ever got arrested in J.P. or anything.

For further reading, some decent advice from TTHU family HERE and HERE.

While I am on the topic some interesting comments popped up on this blog concerning the supposed arrest of our comrade WYSE. Someone made a comment along the lines of “Since the person being prosecuted is a grown man, I hope he kept his mouth shut and didn’t talk to the cops resulting in an prosecution for just flicking a freshly painted clean train because people don’t go to jail for that yada yada yada” or something like that. I’ll break it down like this: Taking a picture of a freshly painted clean train is not illegal. However, you probably have to trespass to do so (Lay-ups, tunnels, yards, etc). You can still get arrested for trespassing. Also take note that Boston extrodited the suspect from Chicago. This usually only happens if one city has an open case on an individual dating before their most recent arrest (They got busted and skipped town once bail was posted). If you get arrested and your background check pulls up a conviction or skipped bail, they might keep you longer than expected. I’m not giving away details or secret information so you can all relax. If you have been through the system this is common knowledge. All cities and cases differ. I’m just saying it looks like someone got knocked for going big and I wish the best for them as it seems that the next one to three years just got rough.

If you disagree, call my bluff. I’m starting to think there aren’t people on the internet worthy of a good conversation and I could use some  intelligent banter… or maybe I need to stop haning out in pre teen chat rooms.


ALPH was once suspended in third grade for drawing on the walls in art class. Not much has changed.

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One thought on “What to do if you get busted for graffiti – #1 SHUT UP!

  1. I was arrested by Arlington Police many years back. I was super drunk for one, but I was also covered in red paint up to the elbow, had an mint tin full of caps, and low and behold a pilot marker. I was caught doing the final line of the force field. I ran and was caught right end of story?NO! They caught me red handed literally with all that shit I said I didnt do it the whole court case, never once taking guilt. Guess who got off scott free this ass hole! So you are correct sir KEEP YOUR FUCKIN MOUTH SHUT! and if you can not crack under the pressure you should be fine

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