June 9, 2023

Shop Local | Small Business Saturday | Nov. 26

Every year Black Friday (Nov. 25) comes and manages to whip the mainstream up into a consumerist frenzy, every person for him or herself, an all out battle! Last year people were trampled at Wal Mart and there will undoubtedly be some fist fights or similar altercations this year. Whether you participate in Black Friday or not, you should consider participating in Small Business Saturday. When you shop at a small business it helps your community by keeping your tax dollars local. Every dollar you spend at a small business grows your local economy three to four times of that of a large corporation like Wal Mart, Lowes, Sears, etc. Even if you go all out the day before buying expensive electronics, toys or whatever, consider getting your wrapping paper and cards at a local shop. Any amount spent locally helps your community and if everyone spends a little in their towns the results will be BIG!

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