October 22, 2021
tthu thats the hook up bert and ernie graffiti

Sesame Street Vs. Graffiti

tthu thats the hook up bert and ernie graffiti

The birth of a movement?

I have loved graffiti for as long as I can remember. Driving through cities as a kid I was glued to the window in wonder watching an unknown world go by. It was my favorite part of going on family vacation. There was a piece on a wall near a grocery store my dad used to go to I would see once and a while. It was of a king in a blue robe (Probably a Bode character). It was buffed when I was about 6 years old. I was so upset when it was gone. I couldn’t understand why some one wouldn’t want it there. I used to get home and try to draw letters out of random symbols and shapes to mimic what I had seen. Being that I lived in the country 6 hours from NYC, I drew my inspiration from Sesame Street. I’m convinced now that Sesame Street is responsible for the explosion of graffiti in the 70’s and its resurgence in the 90’s. A whole generation of writers that were inspired by letters before they ever held a can.

I’m not joking, this shit is serious.

Case in point:

Inspired by graffiti or inspired graffiti?

My all time favorite:


Connectors / Morphing letters:

Styles for miles:

Are those Doze Green characters and TRAP throwies towards the end? Regardless, its graffiti on a truck: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fru8ROtAseo[/youtube]

The likes of HORFE, TWIST and REAS seem to draw from a strong 70’s animation style for characters, color ways and letter style:


[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEbTWupi21M&feature=related [/youtube]

Its a stretch, but Sesame Street is probably at least responsible for my obsession for typography:



ALPH was once suspended in third grade for drawing on the walls in art class. Not much has changed.

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