June 4, 2023

Saudi Company Wants to turn Gulf into Swimming Pool

A Saudi Arabian Construction firm, best known for large scale construction projects in the UAE, announced a plan to filter and drain the Gulf of Mexico. The plan starts by building two of the largest dams ever built, one between Florida and Cuba, and the other between Cuba and Mexico. These dams would employ massive filters using proprietary technology that would allow 65% of marine wildlife and 30% of the oil to pass through, respectively. Once the Gulf is successfully filtered and transferred to the Atlantic Ocean, the company plans on dredging the Ocean bottom for any remaining contaminants and then pouring a base layer of cement. The beauty of these new dams are they are the first in the world to work both ways. So once the new foundation is poured, the dams will filter 99.9% of all wildlife and contaminants back into the Gulf and mix them with a modest amount of chlorine to create the world’s largest swimming pool. This project needs diplomacy between the USA and Cuba to get the green light, but with new hotel projects, tourism, and resorts it is projected to be the ultimate tourist destination for the world creating millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in profits. The company estimates the project could be completed by the year 2035 if approved by the 3 governments.

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