March 21, 2023

Rick Perry Makes George Bush Look Like a National Merit Scholar

Rick Perry makes George Bush look like a National Merit Scholar. Shouldn’t someone just take him by the hand and gingerly lead him back to Texas where he will be removed from his position of Governor and sat in a pretty field of daisies for his elder years? If you know anyone who supports this man as president or Governor or even as a school crossing guard, you should seriously question their own intelligence. This is not a student council election, this is the election of the man who is capable of destroying the entire world. This is a man who will make decisions on whether people’s kids put their lives on the line and whether people commit suicide because they lose everything in the markets. I’m so damn tired of people voting on who they think is cool or who seems as ordinary and average as they are. If you are going to treat this decision like a kid than you should have the voting rights that kids have…none.

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