February 2, 2023

Remembering Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman was the actor who played Arnold on Different Strokes. Gary Coleman has had a rough life and is in critical condition right now in a hospital in Provo, Utah. First of all, Utah probably isn’t the best place for a black man to be getting surgery due to the high population of Mormans there, but he’s broke as a joke so the jokes on them! Anyways, I hope Gary Coleman gets through this because he’s definitely had a rough life. First of all, he’s a grown man in a child’s body. That can’t be good for your self-esteem and fame doesn’t help at all! It’s like being Screech. The fame actually backfires…now instead of being the freak in a small high school, everyone in the world knows you have a weird birth defect and thinks they have the right to make fun of you for something you can’t even help! So, what did Gary get in return? Money! Well, being a child star didn’t mean he was a good accountant, plus his Dad sued him trying to get rich, and being a midget wasn’t easy on his body so he had to pay for two kidney transplants! So then he gets a job so he could eat as a security guard and becomes the new butt of everyone’s jokes in America?!??! What a fucking life! Man, Gary, I kind of hope you die. You have definitely paid your dues and if you believe in Heaven I am sure you will end up there. Thanks for the laughs and sorry for the jokes…

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