June 4, 2023

Remembering air travel


Remember when flying was cool? I remember being a kid and my Dad worked for a million different airlines. When we went on a trip I would have to put on my suit and everyone was polite and enjoyed their trip from the get go. There were some downfalls like the fact that you were ALLOWED to smoke on the airplane.


Don’t worry though, they had a non-smoking section (aka the front of the plane where you only got all the recirculated smoke from the back of the plane.) Anyways, flight used to be so cool. You would get a gift bag with a mini-toothbrush in it and some slippers. Unlimited diet Tab and honey roasted peanuts. You could go visit the cockpit and all the pilots had mustaches! And a very attractive flight attendant would hook you up with some wings.


Nowadays, the flight attendants are bitter as shit and who could blame them, the guy next to you is wearing the same cargo shorts he mowed his yard in, and you pay $7 for a cheese sandwich from 7-11. Let’s take a trip back in time to remember the glory days of air travel…


Hot Stewardesses


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