December 9, 2022

Reality Politics & An Open Letter to the Baby Boomers

Is it just me or is it impossible to believe anything that comes out of Washington D.C?

Dear policy makers…Let me have a few minutes of your time to remind you of a story called The Boy Who Cried Wolf. You see, every time we catch you lying, or you are involved in a scandal or you say you are going to do something and then you do nothing…or worse, you do the opposite; you chip away at our trust. Personally, I used to think of you as a true life Days of our Lives but now you are seeming more and more like Passions.

We have obviously been trapped in a decade or more of reality television, but I am afraid we are now entering a phase called Reality Politics. The problem with Reality Politics is there are REAL consequences. No one gives a shit if Paris Hilton sucks another dick to get on TMZ or if another “celebrity” wins a bullshit competition, but when assholes start asking to bring back the electric chair or worse yet, we accuse foreign governments of assassination plots without proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is true, we have problems. It wasn’t long ago that “News” was a topic of concern, one that men discussed late at night while smoking a pipe. Nowadays, we are bombarded by ignorant comments followed by apologies, shock value statements followed by retractions. Does anyone else see this worsening trend?

Have our elders lost their FUCKING MINDS?!!!?! Where are the people who taught us right from wrong? Where are the clergy who said “Love thy Neighbor” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” Where are the Scoutmasters who taught us to “leave a place better than we found it?”

I am seriously disappointed at our current state of affairs. I have a large number of young people who constantly ask me questions alluding to the idea of “is this all normal?” And you know what? It isn’t FUCKING NORMAL. I grew up in the tail end of the Cold War. There wasn’t half as much turmoil during that bullshit war as there is now. I had modest, yet awesome Christmases. My parents didn’t seem half as worried as I have been in the past decade about things like money, jobs, food, war, the environment, the future…The more I look at what the politicians are doing the more I feel like our localized elders are doing the exact same shit. Preach one thing and do the other. I understand getting older is scary. I can imagine handing the reigns to a generation that you held in your arms and wiped its ass must seem ridiculous. But you taught us well and we want to make this a better place, and by saying that statement “a better place” we are not indicting you by saying you did something wrong, on the contrary. You gave us the tools to make us the smartest, most compassionate, technologically advanced, earth-friendly generation that has ever lived. We didn’t learn how to recycle on our own…so why do you make fun of us for it? We didn’t teach ourselves how to eat, you fed us. We are mankind 2.0 and you need to let us leave our mark on the world, because there is an even better generation below us!

So I ask you to join us. Help us put our knowledge and energy into bettering the lives of everyone around us, including yours. It’s going to happen sooner or later – why wait until you are all gone to enjoy it? Plus, we could really use some sage advice and wisdom on things while you are still around. You’ve never let us down before, please don’t make now the first time.

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