March 21, 2023

Protect Your Gear | Scotch Gard

The time of the year will soon be upon us (or already is for some people) when you wake up in the morning and say “FUCK! It’s raining, snowing, windy, cold and there is salt all over the streets! How do I protect my awesome gear!?!?!?” Fear no more, I have the answers.

Go to your local hardware store and buy a big can of Scotch Gard, the kind for fabric, upholstery, etc. If you just purchased a new coat, take your coat outside, shake the Scotch Gard can well and lightly spray your coat. Let the thin layer dry and repeat three times. When this process is through you will have a coat that is water resistent, stain resistent, etc. Next time that snow plow passes you and kicks mud up all over your new digs, don’t fret, if you protect them before hand you can simply wash or dry clean those stains away.

I decided to do this post because it always surprises me how few of people I speak with know about protecting their gear. If you are going to spend $200, $300, $400 or more on a nice winter jacket, make sure that thing looks good for next year. Even if you plan to get a new one. At the end of the season dry clean your jacket, spray it again and let it hang in the closet until next year. If you are starting out with an old jacket then dry clean it first, then spray it to avoid locking in old stains. If you rock a leather coat, you can also buy leather protectant to do the same thing, you just may not want to dry clean it. If you are rocking shoes in the winter that tend to get wet, rock a layer of Scotch Gard on those things and enjoy dry feet.


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