January 28, 2023

Proletariat Summer Collection 2010

It’s my favorite time of the year here in Boston. Summertime! No snow, no rain, no traffic, mucho beacho, tons o’ brewskis, and lots of late nights! Bedroom air-conditioning and 4 showers a day. The list goes on and it all fucking rules and since we are all out more enjoying our awesome city I’m dropping 8 new tees for the Summer! These photos are huge so here are the first 4…read the next post to see the next 4. These things are flying out of the shop so if you want one buy it now!

One thought on “Proletariat Summer Collection 2010

  1. fuckkkk the anchor and countertop shirts are SOOOO sick…. think i mite pick one u if i can scrounge the cash

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