May 28, 2023

Proletariat Clothing Company | Grand Re-opening Details

After a solid year off we’re jumping back into the ring. The website is getting rebuilt from the ground up and I have had the opportunity to make 10+ new t-shirt designs, a new graffiti marker, collaborate with an American icon, and invent a tool for the benefit of graffiti artists worldwide. We will also be stocking an enormous amount of art supplies, and keeping with our values since 2004, all Proletariat apparel will continue to be made in the USA. It’s GREAT to be back!

Old friends. Proletariat was the second store in the USA to sell KRINK, after Alife of course.

I started out in the vintage clothing business back in 2001 and one thing I noticed on all of my vintage jeans was YKK zippers never fail. YKK is a Japanese company who makes their products in the USA, so you know we will only use YKK zippers in all of our special projects.

What would the Proletariat online store be without graffiti supplies? We were the first full-service graff shop in Boston and have been with the modern graffiti scene since day one. There are many places to buy graffiti supplies but few have the first hand knowledge and research of Proletariat.

Buying a garment from Proletariat is an experience. We were the first brand in Boston to offer our goods in a numbered & limited fashion, and for many brands that became their only selling point. We still keep our garments limited in scope, mainly because our goal is to keep people we respect wearing our goods – and there aren’t that many people out there that we respect. Our garments have been made in the USA and our local community for the last 8 years and even though we have had ample opportunities to grow and expand this will never change. We provide jobs in America and support local business first. So when you purchase a Proletariat garment be proud that you are helping the cause and harming no one in the process.

We have expanded our graffiti shop to include products for street artists as well. We are not here to segregate an already small scene. There’s room for everyone on the streets and our enemy is not stencil artists or wheatpasters, but the powers that be who are throwing ALL of us into jail for art crimes. Plus, we hope a few of you take a stab at the gallery scene and get paid for your incredible talents.

One thing I noticed as I travelled across the USA this year is we were spoiled at Proletariat. Most graffiti shops have 1/3rd of the items that we stock, and many of them never thought outside the box on new products to sell and include. You know if we don’t stock something it’s either because it’s a shoddy product or you haven’t asked for it and I am all ears when it comes to dope new shit. If it wasn’t for you, we would have been WAY later to the game on half the shit we sell, so please keep my inbox full.

For those of you who gave me the pleasure of hanging out in the shop in Boston, thank you, I look forward to continuing our relationship out here in cyberspace. And for those of you who didn’t hear about us until we sold the shop you are in for a treat – Proletariat customers are the most free-thinking, talented and unique crew I’ve ever met. Here’s to new beginnings!

29 thoughts on “Proletariat Clothing Company | Grand Re-opening Details

  1. Are those the tall ass KRINK mops in the top left corner that he releases every couple years? Yes please. I’ll take 10. Im sick of spilling 1shot all over myself.

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