June 4, 2023

Privacy Settings for Graffiti Writers on Flickr | MUST READ!


Most writers and enthusiasts of graffiti have a flickr page these days. It is a great way to share your work and connect with like-minded fellows. However, it is a very public place with its fair share of Narcs trying to simplify their jobs. It is up to you to protect yourself from these sneaky snakes and hide your identity from the world. One major breach of security in flickr, Picassa web, Photobucket, etc. is EXIF data.

Doll Lopez

From CNN: This data, called Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF), is a key tool for many professionals. It can detail whether the photographer used a flash, which digital effects were applied to a picture and when the photo was taken.

EXIF can also contain the precise GPS coordinates for where a photo was taken. This information is readily accessible and can be plugged into software such as Google Maps — leading some security and photography experts to express concerns about amateurs unknowingly disclosing private information, such as the location of their home.

So all of you kids with huge bags of weed on a table in your living room who share photos of it on flickr…LISTEN UP! All you writers with 300 Flickr friends, 7 of which you have actually met….CHANGE THIS SHIT. And check your other privacy settings while you are at it. Was the email you opened your account with your regular email? Do your friends shout out locations and first names? CUT THAT SHIT OUT. In your drive for fame you might be setting yourself up for capture – which just isn’t that cool unless you are sponsored and have a team of lawyers who can get you out. Enough preaching, here’s what you gotta switch.

And if y’all know of any other things like that let us know!

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