March 27, 2023
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Prison Survival Guide

Being that some followers of this blog may or may not be involved in criminal activities, I thought that this might be of interest.

tthu thats the hook up hm prison service a survival guide jail pen clink lock up criminal minded

Jail sucks. A lot. Luckily, I couldn’t tell you about prison but I’m sure it sucks even more (County was almost fun in a way). Though the author of the following document experienced his time in in the UK, some of it is applicable to the american prison system and situations you may encounter.

My advice: You need to know the rules before you break them. If you trespass to take photos, skateboard on public property, write graffiti, play with your ding-a-ling on the green line, enjoy mind altering substances or just like to stir shit up every once in a while, understand what you are up against. Understand the laws you are breaking, the rights you have and consequences for being guilty. If you get pinched, this might be useful.

Before I went to prison a friend who’d already been gave me a few pointers and tips, what to take, what to expect and what a few of the hundreds of unintelligible acronyms mean. This helped me hit the ground running and made my time a whole lot easier.

This practical and up-to-date guide is designed to do the same for anyone who is expecting to go to prison or is currently serving a sentence. It’s totally free and available in both hard copy and digital formats.

Rather than being a dowdy government guide this is an unrefined, truthful and personal account written by someone who has just been released from serving nearly a year in some of Britain’s most notorious jails.

Please share this with as many people as possible; blog it, tweet it, plagiarise it, please help get it out there as it might be the information that someone needs in a time that has the potential to be the hardest in their life so far.”

Again, follow the link here.





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