December 9, 2022

Pretentious Lawyers sue Burger Restaurant for smelling like Burgers

For the record I FUCKING HATE LAWYERS. I know this is a common thing to say but I truly hate them. They hide in their offices making back end deals with each other and all they do is practice writing simple shit in the most confusing ass ways. What a fucking waste of a profession. And yet we all buy into it because we are scared to rock the boat. Remember when two men could settle their differences in a fist fight? Can’t do it anymore because the loser will sue you for breaking his nose. Have you ever bought a house? You sign a literal phonebook worth of papers, that you don’t even understand and if you possibly tried to read all the documents it would take you weeks to close on your home. I could go on but there is a new reason to hate lawyers and it is transpiring in our Nation’s capitol…what a surprise.

Steptoe & Johnson, a white-shoe law firm staffed with hundreds of D.C.’s most-powerful lawyers has moved to shutter a hamburger eatery on the grounds that the lawyers didn’t like the aroma of cooking meat wafting into their offices. They say saying the firm’s employees suffered nausea, watery eyes and headaches from Rogue States’ fumes. Nevermind the fact that it’s on a street crowded with coffee shops and restaurants — including Indian, Middle East and Italian cuisines. Good to see these white collar criminals are helping put more small businesses out of biz! I guess next time when some prick says extra onions they will listen up….

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

2 thoughts on “Pretentious Lawyers sue Burger Restaurant for smelling like Burgers

  1. That is such a dick thing to do. They probably just wanted to get them out so they can use that ground level as extra space.

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