February 9, 2023

Police Undercover in Occupy Movement | Agent Provocateurs Video

I have a friend who is a cop, in fact he is one of my best friend’s in the world, so I try to refrain from dissing cops on a whole, first of all out of respect for him, and secondly because I know who he is as a person and he is the kind of guy you wish a cop would be. He is fair and honest and loyal, and not the kind of person who would do something immoral just because his boss wants him to. So I am going to pair this video of the Police getting caught in their own scam with a link to a really great podcast I heard a few weeks back from This American Life on NPR. If you don’t listen to T.A.L., you should. I have never heard a bad episode – and it helps you realize how small and good this country really is. This episode follows a New York police officer who ended up losing his job because he played by the rules.

*thanks to Andrew B. for passing on this video

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