May 28, 2023

Police Break Up Occupy SLC Encampment | Video

After about 5 weeks, the Salt Lake City police came in with bulldozers and flatbeads and cleared out Pioneer Park. I’m not positive that what they did was constitutional, but at least they did it with respect and peace. I applaud the protesters who spent many, very cold nights in the park, and I hope this dialogue has only just begun. Here’s a video I shot that sums up the whole night.

4 thoughts on “Police Break Up Occupy SLC Encampment | Video

  1. Seriously? Everyone in the occupy movement are morons. Protesting “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is ridiculous. If they want to be rich, they should take their stubborn attitudes and put it towards something productive that will make that happen, then they can spread their own wealth around. As for me and my family, we will continue to live off our moderate income (less than $35k/year) and we won’t spend more than we make and we’ll donate to worthy causes that help people help themselves, instead of teaching people that mooching is the way to go, because mooching will never get anyone anywhere, ever.

  2. white girl— only people mooching are the rich, protesters are being unfairly taxed while the rich are excused. youve got the wrong idea, and thats just one of the many reasons.

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