May 28, 2023

Police Break Up Occupy Boston Encampment with reported violence | Video

It’s weird knowing that if I still lived in Boston I would be getting arrested tonight. I’ve been glued to the police scanners as well as occupy boston’s livestream and of course their twitter as well. We were in constant contact all the way to when the police in full riot gear surrounded the park and then advanced in militaristic fashion. The amount of vehicles and resources and manpower in themselves points out the bloated and unnessecary police presence in our daily lives. The tweets came in at a frenzy with postings like these…

and then silence. I hope all of the demonstrators know that they had thousands of people around the world watching the livestream, tweeting support, and posting and reposting, getting the word out that this shit is not right, this is not freedom.

If you want to let the mayor’s office know that this will not be tolerated call him up at 617.635.4500. And as for the police, you are not part of the 99% if you can’t think for yourselves and question authority. Not all orders are right and just.

Here’s the Boston Police arresting Veterans for Peace! How ironic!

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