February 8, 2023

Plastiki | A boat made from garbage!

What do you do with your garbage? Throw it out? That is sooooooo 2009. These granola lovin’ patchouli stinkin’ R.E.I. shoppin’ tree huggin’ pube growin’ Earth lovers took their trash, your trash and my trash and built an ill yacht out of water bottles and now they are beating the great ocean garbage patch at it’s own game.

The plastiki is ‘off-the-grid’ relying primarily on renewable energy systems to function including:
solar panels, wind turbines, trailing sea turbines, bicycle generators, a vacuum water evaporator
for desalination, a urine-to-water recovery system and rain water catchment, a separating toilet
and waste storage with evaporative technology for weight reduction, hydroponic vertical garden
and an electrical system based around a bank of six 12 volt batteries.

Sick! You can drink your piss and eat it too!

Hey kids, remember when the ocean was clear?

Fuckin’ hipsters….

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