February 9, 2023

Passion Pit & Proletariat on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

What would you wear if you knew 1.9 million people would be watching you on live t.v.? It’s a question that most of us will never have to answer unless we commit a serious crime. Well, my good friend Nate from Passion Pit wore a Proletariat shirt, a shirt that wouldn’t exist without him. A long time ago when Nate was a student at Berklee School of Music, he combed through the vintage tees at the shop and found a shirt much like this one.


He bought it and wore it and loved it and lost it. I never forgot that vintage shirt and I thought it was a cool idea so I found a star map, calibrated for the Boston area, added a Proletariat constellation, made it glow in the dark, and voila – the shirt gets bought again by my good friend Nate. I would like to thank Nate for showing Proletariat & Boston some love and I wish him and the band endless success in the new year. I also hope you follow whatever dream you may have, because the world is boring without you. And if there is anything Proletariat or That’s The Hookup can do to help – we will.

4 thoughts on “Passion Pit & Proletariat on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

  1. I’ve known Nate from back in freshman year, and I’m glad to see a nice dude like him succeeding with both passion pit and shuttle.

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