March 21, 2023

Os Gemeos | ICA Boston | 2012

One of the best shows i’ve been to in a while. The twins brought the heat, both temperature and art wise, to a packed opening at Boston’s ICA. Bringing quite the diverse crowd of critics, street art fans, artists, and socialites.

Love getting out of South Station to be greeted with this piece.

If you ask me, Boston needs ALOT more of these types of pieces around the city.

Such a great building.

Swoon also making her presence known with an installation in the lobby / elevator.

Took a look through the other exhibits before entering the Os Gemeos section, always rocking a nice collection.

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Now its on to what we came for!

Although a tad smaller of an exhibit than I as expecting, it was an AMAZING show. Bright colors filling the room with bold patterns on dream like characters. It was impossible to pick out my favorite piece, they were really all so dope. The level of detail put in each piece is mind blowing adding layer upon layer of texture, shading, and dimension. GO TO THIS SHOW!


I can only assume this lady wasn’t impressed…

After we soaked in a good amount of art, we got our complimentary sangria and chilled on the ICA’s waterfront, where there were live DJs, an assortment of drinks, and a good amount of people.

Even the twins were out and about greeting and signing anything they had! Even I got in the mix, always repping the PROLETARIAT!

All in all it was one of the best Boston openings I have been to in quite some time. Lets hope the ICA continues to curate more shows and openings like this!


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