February 9, 2023

Only in America | Ford F350 6×6 Pickup Truck

This goes out to my best friend Robert in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Robert and I have been friends since we were 16 and he moved to the USA when we were 20. That year the most common phrase that came out of his mouth was “Only in America!” It usually went something like this: 128 oz fountain Coke for $0.99? ONLY in America!

Today’s Only in America celebrates the most American vehicle out there…the Ford Pickup Truck. $65,000 was invested into this beauty. It can be driven as a 2-wheel drive, a 4-wheel drive, or even a 6-wheel drive! It has 14 shock absorbers (most cars have 4), plus an air suspension that will provide another 6 inches of lift over the massive 42″ tires, but the most important factoid is there is a propane tank hooked up to the dual-exhaust system so you can shoot fire out of your tail pipes!!! ONLY IN AMERICA!

Current bid on eBay…$6100…ONLY IN AMERICA!!!

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