February 3, 2023


You know, maybe the Mayans were right. Maybe they had similar problems in their society and they realized how many acres of land and how much food and water and how many man-made disasters were likely to happen each year and the just did simple math and predicted that mad people would be humping and by 2012 there would be so many people on this Earth that something would happen on a large enough scale that everyone was going to die. The thing is, everyone has a not my problem attitude, and you and I are just as guilty as everyone else. We might think we are better on the environment than someone else, but if you have ever ridden in a plane, a car, a bus, or a boat, then this oil spill was partially your fault. It’s the cost of progress and that is that. The real people who should be mad are the poor herders and farmers in third world countries who literally never benefited from oil; if anything it has always fucked with them, taking over their land and upping their costs of living, but they will be the first to pay the price when their food and water supply is destroyed and they can’t AFFORD to take care of it. This time next year we could be invading the North Pole or Antartica instead of Iraq so we can get clean water since we will have ruined our own supply. The beast must survive and it is our own fault and no one wants to go without everything we have decided makes life worth living — so put on a SARS mask and buckle up because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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