December 4, 2022

#OCCUPYSLC | Along for the Daily Protest!

Today Leslie and I joined the #occupyslc gang for a twice-daily demonstration around Salt Lake City. If you are interested in being seen or heard, you can meet up at Pioneer Park at Noon and 6pm everyday for the march…

One thing the media has been throwing around about the Occupy Together movement  is that there isn’t a single unifying cause or leadership. In my opinion that is the beauty of this group. We don’t follow the rules of our parents’ generation and we have a million complaints. Some people want a better healthcare system, others want better monetary policy, still others just want a job and a future. So why do we need to boil this down to one cause? Is there ever really just one problem in our lives or at work or in our government?

The comraderie in the OccupySLC movement so far is utopian. We all believe in different things but we have agreed thus far to try and help each other attain our individual goals. That’s why I have attended a few meetings as well as marched.

You don’t have to become a hippie or even march to make a difference. Just discussing it with a co-worker friend or relative is a good start. I hope after all these marches and protests are complete, we realize that people fought hard for my favorite amendment and we should celebrate any type of dissent because this is what our country was founded for. Oppression comes in many forms and just because there isn’t a King beheading people for talking trash doesn’t mean that we aren’t having our freedoms and rights hindered on a daily basis. If you see an occupation in your city and don’t feel like marching just give them a honk on the horn or bring them cookies and milk because they are fighting for all of us, and trust me, it goes a long way.

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