May 28, 2023

Occupy Shmoccupy

“Violence doesn’t solve anything, but it gets a lot done”.

This post is not meant to be harmful or damaging to the opinions of other members of Thats The Hook Up, its advertisers or subscribers. This is not a “call to arms” and hopefully this is also not a rant. I do not encourage violence. This should be a discussion and this is my opinion.

I will not join or support the occupy movement. I do not believe it will cause change in the Western world. You can not fight greed with protest. You can not demand change in a system you support daily. You can not beg for food you just ate. If you can live in a tent in the middle of a city for weeks on end in the name of a cause, you do not need economic equality. You seem to be doing fine. All of this reminds me of the people who buy bracelets for natural disaster charities as fashion accessories, the recycling yuppies who drink bottled water daily and the vegan’s who buy cars with leather seats.

I’m not saying that the Occupy Movement is not necessary, I just believe that the approach will yield nothing. Maybe my expectations of “change” are too high but “Econonic equality” isn’t a small subject to tackle. I respect the people trying and because of that I’ll sit on the side lines. I’m the asshole that will throw a dig box through your BMW’s windshield and ruin it for the people who would rather silently be dragged off to jail. Corporate greed kills innocent people daily. Plain and simple. Eye for an eye. change this big isn’t made with paper and handshakes or songs and sit-ins, especially in America.

Corporate greed should not be protested with consumerism and corporate greed:



Change is not brought about by sitting on your hands (Attending Occupy Harvard required a Harvard ID. It was held inside a gated community protected by a hired security company to protect the student body involved in the protest):

occupy harvard thats the hook up
Occupy Harvard Yard, on Nov. 10, 2011 (WBUR)



Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken:



Occupy is regularly compared to the Arab Spring. Not even the same ball park guys.

Best of luck to those attempting to make a difference, your heart is in the right place.


ALPH was once suspended in third grade for drawing on the walls in art class. Not much has changed.

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2 thoughts on “Occupy Shmoccupy

  1. Cool post. I respect your opinion. but I think that if change is going to happen, we need to start somewhere. And shit its a start. I think more and more people are starting to get informed and starting to see the bigger picture. I do agree that there is lots of worse stuff going on in other countries but I think we need to improve our own country before we go and attempt to fix others (and we seem to be just making countries worse by occupying them trying to ‘fix’ them) I don’t know, I think its beautiful people are joining together and working together on something they value. Maybe we can refind the American way.

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