May 29, 2023

#Occupy Oakland – Peaceful March – Minus the Anarchists And Undercover Police

It has come to my attetion that today in school, students and teachers were shaking their heads at the Occupy Oakland protests due to what happened just a few days ago in the downtown area. I want to make it clear to protesters, and people who are just hearing about what happened, that they are hearing false information. On Thursday Novemember 2 to Friday November 3rd the Occupy protesters were not being violent! The protesters involved in Occupy were not breaking windows/tagging banks and causing chaos. A group of 200 people wearing all black with black masks and flags and gas masks walked the streets of Oakland in the crowd of the Occupy protesters trying to cause riots and chaos (BUT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT – OTHER THAN THEY SAW A CHANCE TO HIDE BEHIDE A CROWD) The following is from Occupy Los Angeles website about the events of what happened.

“Some important facts that you will not find in the mainstream (corporate) media today which (completely co-incidentally I’m sure) will be the total polar opposite message we’ll hear from the blowhards who only get their information from that corporate owned media bent on misrepresenting this movement:

– None of the “violence” of yesterdays demonstration was planned by, condoned, or in any way sanctioned by the general assembly at Grant Plaza (the protest base and “organization” for lack of better word) or the New York general assembly at Freedom Plaza that the Oakland assembly had originally gathered in solidarity of (“the movement” for those still unsure of the who/what/where). So all claims that broken windows and burning dumpsters “represent” Occupy Wall Street or Occupy Whatever should be called out for what they are: transparent attempts to manipulate the masses that only get their “information” from corporate media.

– Do a Google search for “Oakland Liberation Front” right now. They are a self invented, radicalized, pseudo-anarchist group styled after Black Bloc that attempted to subvert the protests yesterday. They have not been involved in any way with holding space in Grant Park in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street to help raise awareness regarding corporate influence in governement, and have not participated in any way with any of the General Assemblies. They are not part of Occupy Oakland at all. Here, I’ll do the google search for you:

This is the flyer they were handing out around Grant Park the day before the General Strike march to try to provoke, and undermine the movement and demonstration with violence and vandalism:

– The Black Bloc (what the “Oakland Liberation Front” mimics) is an intentionally disruptive tactic which has infiltrated and radicalized protests world wide. The core principles and tactics are: Vandalism, rioting, and street fighting. The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, ongoing protests, and movement on the whole has defined itself in self-stating principles at every assembly from the very beginning as “non-violent”. Search Google for Black Bloc to find out what it is. Here, I’ll do it for you. It will probably look like the photos you’ll see all day on the sensationalist corporate owned media that is trying to divert the message away from corporate influence and corruption in government:

– This, I guarantee you will not see on any corporate owned media today or ever. When “Oakland Liberation Front” Black Bloc provocateurs acted against the principles of the actual movement by inciting vandalism during the march, the crowds turned against them.

When other windows were broken, Oakland assembly participants guarded the locations so they would not be damaged further or looted:

Please attempt to help others keep a rational head today. What is being blatantly demonstrated here is how the media will manipulate the message away from the facts, and why. Again, this is a protest and movement against the corporate influence and corruption of the government caused by the few, by reminding everyone of the resulting disaster it has wreaked on the economy and the effects of which the rest of us feel. When that same collection of corporate entities also own the media which ultimately creates the message for the masses, the most true aspects of everything to do with the movement will never be covered, and instead be misrepresented to influence public opinion away from the underlying facts.”


Here is video of the group fighting Occupy protesters and trying to start chaos. HAVING NOTHING TO DO WITH OCCUPY!
Go here for more video and information!

Three clips that capture the vandalism and mayhem that happened during the day and after dark. In this first clip you get a street level view of what happened at Whole Foods (aerial view below). Some protesters were trying to keep things peaceful, even picking up a chair to ward off the violent ones. However when the same group broke windows at Wells Fargo you hear only cheers from the crowd:

Here is a picture of some of the graffti left…

Keep in mind it is very possible that some of the people who were trying to start riots are suspected to be possible police!
This would not be the first time! Please watch this video of police dressed like protesters trying to cause a riot in Canada years back and the protesters prevent it from happening by making a human line infront of the cops!

For more information on possible police trying to start riots please visit this link.

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