May 29, 2023


It’s hard to get everyone to agree on person of the year, which is why we decided to throw out just a few of the many NOT PERSON OF THE YEAR awards! Here are a few of our least favorites!

Snooki is a game changer. How is it possible to have huge tits and overt sluttiness and make it completely unattractive?

There’s nothing to say about this jackass that hasn’t been said. I wanted to include his millions of fans on the cover with him but they are balls deep in their sisters right now.

If these guys didn’t act like such pieces of shit we wouldn’t need half of the laws in this country. Benedict Arnold is rolling in his grave this year.

Hopefully 2011 will be the last we see of this asshole, Christian Audigier aka owner of Ed Hardy. How does a brand remain relevant when they brand gas station lighters, fuzzy steering wheel covers, energy drinks, band-aids, etc. etc.? The only thing I can say is at least he has pointed out a whole segment of the population that I try to avoid at all costs.

Megyn Kelly. This one is for two reasons. #1 Megyn Kelly is actually a really well-educated woman with a degree in poly sci and she practiced law for 9 years. This is why I find this so upsetting. She SHOULD FUCKING KNOW BETTER and she is the ultimate sellout. She causes more harm than good and she does it for the dollar.

#2 The other reason is I am tired of every single woman on tv looking like someone I want to fuck. I know this seems crazy, but what’s the deal? I blame sports. It started there. Old crusty guys who knew everything got replaced by ditsy blondes who look hot in locker rooms. Now they have taken over the news. It only makes sense that she is on Fox though, because if the viewers actually listened to what they were being told they would realize that they were heartless, lying, racist, hate mongers.

Here’s to a few of 2011 Not Persons of the Year. Thanks for doing absolutely nothing positive for humanity.


  1. You are so ignorant …. person of the year should be Obama, fucking NOT that’s who you should put on there , what a waste of space

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