June 10, 2023


Yo, you look good in that hospital bed man, no hmo. Is that a new gown you have on dude? No hmo. I would totally S your D if you didn’t have all those medical bills, no hmo.

A campaign finance watchdog’s analysis of insurance and HMO political contributions and lobbying expenses found the industries spent $126,430,438 over the first half of 2009 and $585,725,712 over the past two and a half years to influence public policy and elected officials. The group, Public Campaign Action Fund, found that in the first part of 2009, the industries were spending money at nearly a $700,000 a day clip to influence the political process and that the monthly pace of political spending this year has increased by nearly $400,000 over the average spent per month in the previous two years.

What does this mean? First of all these companies are using OUR money to possibly screw us out of a better, cheaper system. Secondly, how much of my monthly premium goes to advertising/wining and dining elected officials? There are people out there being turned down left and right because their operations are too expensive and meanwhile these assholes have spent half a BILLION dollars trying to persuade CongrASS to not pass a public option. All I gotta say is NO HMO.

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