September 28, 2022

New uses for old hair! Jewelry, Dresses, Oil spill cleanup?

The green movement has inspired people to take a second look at everything we throw away. Today we are looking at the recycling of human hair. Alabama hair stylist Phil McCrory watched the eco-tragedy television, and when he saw the oil-soaked animals, he got an idea. He noticed how the fur on otters helped to trap the oil, so he thought about using human hair to clean up oil spills. McCrory showed his idea to NASA, and the rest is hair history! His idea helped inspire the OttiMat, which soaks up about 7.8 gallons of oil in less than 3 minutes. It can also be wrung out and reused more than 100 times. [source]

In the Victorian era people used to make jewelry out of a dead loved one’s hair. Pretty fucking gross. Now you can buy other people’s hair jewelry if you are so inclined…

Croatian designers at Artidjana Company used 165 feet of blond hair to make a dress worn by model Simona Gotovac.

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