December 9, 2022

NERO | Crush On You | Music Video

NERO, the UK producer duo who have taken the dance world by storm are bringing it with the new single “Crush On You”, which is a remix of the 1986 single baring the same title by the group The Jets. NERO’s signature Sci-Fi/Brave New World get up can be seen below in their previous music videos for “Promises” and “Guilt”. Here in the U.S. it is my prediction that NERO will be a breakthrough dance act in 2012. Middle America will know who these guys are and the arena dance parties that were ruled two years ago by JUSTICE will be NERO’s for the taking! Sonically they both share an anthemic, arena electronic sound that is a mix between electro ROCK N ROLL & super pop melodies!

NERO – Crush On You (3rd single)

NERO – Promises (2nd single)

And if you haven’t heard the remix of this track by SKRILLEX it KILLS!

NERO – Guilt (1st single)

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