March 27, 2023


ALPH was once suspended in third grade for drawing on the walls in art class. Not much has changed.

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3 thoughts on “My Weekend Was Better Than Yours

  1. SEALED IN INK! Nice man. As someone who has had the pleasure of many hangouts with Mr. and Mrs. Alph, I would say you have done very well for yourselves! Congrats to you both! (For all you graff kids out there, Mrs. Alph used to always come into the shop to buy her man some markers, paint, tees, etc. Find yourself a lady who supports your shit!)

  2. for some reason I JUST saw Mr. Proletariat’s comment here [maybe bc we’re about to get hitched in a WEEK holy shit]. Thanks buddy!

    and for sure, a good lady gotsta rock paint pens in your purse so your man can get up.

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