June 10, 2023

Muslim Is The New Black – A Short Film By Proletariat

Since I was an adult when 9/11 happened, I am lucky enough to remember what the United States was like before that horrific day, and before that day I probably couldn’t even tell you what a Muslim looked like or what they were about, because it didn’t matter. Ever since 9/11, there has been an orchestrated campaign against Islam in order to polarize the people to support a war that is not in our best interest. How can politicians who have agreed to uphold the constitution of the Unites States of America be so blatant about disregarding the 1st Amendment in so many ways?

It will be a long time until Muslims are looked at as equal Americans in this country and that is because our leaders have fed us this bullshit, just like they did with blacks and women, and now how they are portraying immigrants (Mexicans), gays, and thanks to Mitt Romney, Mormons. When are we going to learn from the mistakes of the past? The audio is an excerpt from President John F. Kennedy’s June 11, 1963, radio and television address to the American people on civil rights, and the video was pulled off of various sources. Keep your eyes open for GOP candidate Herman Cain and his anti-Muslim beliefs…

I guess I should end this by saying these are my beliefs and are not necessarily the views of Thatsthehookup or the other contributors to this blog.

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