June 4, 2023

Miniature Pigs for Fat Cats


The goodie bag business is a weird one. As a business we are asked to pay a standard rate: $5,000 and up to have the opportunity to then give away our product to the few people in the world who have enough money to buy whatever they want. Then all the manufacturers send a salesperson to set up a booth and snap photos of the celebs as they hold our product and then we are allowed to say things like “Paris Hilton prefers Proletariat Chap Stick over another leading brand.” Then impressionable youth and bored housewives think Proletariat Chap Stick is awesome because a d-list “actress” was seen holding it up for the camera. Anyways, this year’s big push were gift certificates for miniature pet pigs. These pigs usually cost about 3,000 quid and are definitely not worth their weight in bacon. They are cute though…


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