June 6, 2023

Mexico burns 100 million joints! (not in the good way)

Why are we doing this? Why do we waste lives and manpower on burning a plant that is just gonna keep growing and regenerating and spreading like all plants do? The Mexican government caved under U.S. pressure today and had a ceremonial marijuana bonfire where they burned all the fucking weed they could find. Armed guards stood close watch ready to fire their semi-automatic weapons…because I’m sure someone was gonna try and steal 100 tons of pot in front of the president of Mexico and the whole army. Marijuana smugglers import an estimated 21,865 metric tons of pot into the United States every year, so burning 100 tons of marijuana is like burning .004% of this year’s take. Wow! WHAT A FUCKING WASTE OF TIME. Thanks to Timi for this story…

Massive marijuana bonfire in Mexico
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