January 28, 2023

Mel Gibson’s Cold War of the Roses

If you’ve been living in a cave (I’m talking to you OSAMA!) then you haven’t heard that Mel Gibson’s smokin’ hot Russian girlfriend just released recorded audio of him being a dick. You think Mel Gibson was pissed off during this recording? Imagine when he found out his girlfriend released the tape that probably ended his career and put him in a social circle that only OJ Simpson understands…You can listen to the tapes in their NSFW entirety at radaronline. Here’s a few Mel Gibson quotes from the tape…

“You should just smile and blow me like a servant.”
(Listen for the excessive panting too…pretty crazy)
“I need a woman, not a little girl with a fucking dysfunctional cunt!”
“You need a bat in the back of the head.”
“She would have sucked me in 5 seconds.”

So what do y’all think about this? Have you ever got this enraged at a loved one? Do you worry that this will be an ongoing trend in our society of people taping everything that happens behind closed doors? Did reality tv just get a little too real?

One thought on “Mel Gibson’s Cold War of the Roses

  1. He probably paid for those lips, that’s why he’s pissed he can’t get any action from them.

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