June 4, 2023

Man + Weed = html

A Grayson County, TX, man was arrested for growing some kind weed on his property. Local buzzkills saw the weed growing in plain view, got a search warrant, and did their dickhead duty by arresting the stoner. The stoner in question explained to the cops that the weed was for personal use…but they didn’t believe him because they don’t know how to party. I mean look at this dude…4 pounds of weed aint shit for this guy! That mofo drops four pounds of weed in his lip while he’s rollin his next blender.

I had to wonder what metropolis was responsible for arresting such a hardened piece of shit drug kingpin, so I googled Grayson County, TX, and found the awesomest website in the world, designed by Al Gore himself, to inaugurate his invention: the world wide web (of porn).

awesomest website in the world

This mofo went to night-school and got his degree in Court Reporting with a minor in html. Then one day he bought a .GIF’s for Dummies book at the local Barnes & Noble and a legend was born. The Flags are waving, the turkey is dancing and fall leaves are gracefully drifting to their winter resting place. Once I “click the pic” I find a website set up with visible frames!!! Man, those were so rad when they came out with the frames. People would pack so much information in to each frame with vertical AND horizontal scroll bars. Anyways, i need to play some Wii.

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