October 3, 2022

Malicious Vandal or Political Activist?


Twitter was all a flutter yesterday due to a user’s twitpic of the Make Way for Ducklings statues in the Boston Garden. The pic showed one of the ducks with black paint on it and the letters “BP.” Apparently the other ducks were also painted with the the words “Better Prey.” The person who posted this pic tweeted “Some jerk with the tag ‘better prey’ graffitied the Make Way for Ducklings ducks.”

Here’s one thing that drives me nuts about ignorant people. Why would a graffiti writer go tag a bunch of ducks? IS that really the illest place to get up? No. This is obviously a statement against British Petroleum, not some kid trying to get his name up. The people on the WBUR comment section said this…

And I think that brings up a really good point. #1 The owners of BP probably won’t see any jail time and they have caused a lot more destruction than this vandal. #2 Where IS all the outrage against BP? This shit isn’t even all over the news anymore – yet nothing has changed – the oil is still flowing like gangbusters. And here’s some tweets from the person who posted the photo…

I for one am glad the vandal hit the ducks. Maybe a few people saw that yesterday and gave a shit about a real problem that won’t be getting cleaned up in a few hours. What we are headed for is a society where he who speaks up gets locked up. I’d like to hear some of what y’all think on this. You don’t have to login or anything, just post a comment…

One thought on “Malicious Vandal or Political Activist?

  1. personally i am still exploring the limits of morals when it comes to vandalism. I am all for public graffiti i believe we as citizens should share the public and promote freedom of expression, i also believe it is obviously a statement against the oil spill if the tag bp was painted on ducks and i respect that; however i do not know how far one can go when vandalizing a location based in nature, it sure took some balls to vandalize the ducks but when it was on a surface possibly paid for as a memorial and disrupts the nature of the commons im just not sure if thats ok, i currently have no standing point on the moral aspect, on the meaningful and political aspect i am respectful of the event.
    -thanks from an anonymous called richard hole

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