March 21, 2023

Law Enforcement’s Latest Tool in Graffiti Crimes

594 Graffiti is the latest phone app used by cops to track, photogrpah, and later prosecute graffiti artists and gang members. What is does is it speeds up the police’s antiquated system of tracking and composing evidence. All they have to do is take a photo of the tag or piece, upload it to the database where it is matched against other previously uploaded photos and then it sits online waiting for someone to get caught where the police can then bring in this folder with dates, photos and GPS locations of previous offenses. I’m not a lawyer so I don’t really know how all of this isn’t considered circumstantial evidence, but I do know that most of the world is not on the side of graffiti artists so I thought it was best to at least let you know this exists. Honestly it’s a lot like flickr for pigs.

The company credits themselves with these recent arrests and LAPD just announced they will be using the service.

2 thoughts on “Law Enforcement’s Latest Tool in Graffiti Crimes

  1. citizens connect is a version of this in boston, but for citizens, they take a picture of it on their yuppie smart phones, upload it using their citizens connect application and mark the street, it is documented and buffed in days.

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