September 28, 2022

Last Minute Tickets to Passion Pit Boston


First of all, I know a lot of you are fans of the Boston band Passion Pit, and you should be. Their music is fun and the guys are local and there are always banging ladies there. Secondly, don’t call me for tickets or guest list. Now that that is out of the way, there are a ton of tickets available starting around $50. If this sounds like too much for you then you probably aren’t that big of a fan and you should just let them go to someone who is. And when Stryper comes to town, I will let you pay $50 for those tickets while I stay home from the show. As of now, Ace Tickets, Craigslist, & Ticket Triangle all have seats for tonight. There are two great local bands opening for Passion Pit, Magic Magic & Dirty Dishes, and they were handpicked for tonight’s show, so make sure you show up early to see those guys tear some shit up.



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