June 6, 2023

Land Speed Record Attempts = Crazy Accidents!

Here’s on on a bike! (Don’t worry he doesn’t die)

This dude crashes at 200+ MPH, crushes the car, gets out and puts a fire out without a scratch. He then ate a cheeseburger and banged your mom, sister and girlfriend at the same time without breaking a sweat.

And if those crashes were too fast and too furious for you, then check out these low speed crashes!

2 thoughts on “Land Speed Record Attempts = Crazy Accidents!

  1. i cant believe some of those people who jumped out of the sliding cars! fools!

  2. I know…that one bitch almost died! Maybe they need to add that question to the driving test…if you are about to be in an accident do you A. brace yourself B. pump the breaks or C. jump out of the car and try to use your body weight to slow the vehicle down

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