February 8, 2023

Kids Being Kids & Pigs Being Pigs: Police ARREST Children For Writing on Stuff

Here’s another example of ignorant people throwing stones. Guess what, they are kids. Kids write on walls with crayons when they are 2 years old and you don’t arrest them. Kids put their gum under their tables and you don’t fine them for littering. Kids sometimes repeat curse words and you don’t call the FCC. How does arresting a child, throwing him into juvie for 6 months and fining his poor parents $2000 take graffiti off the streets? It obviously doesn’t because that shit was on the bus stop for the news vulchers to devour for prime-time ratings. Meanwhile, people praise Shepherd Fairey and Banksy and every goddamn Sprite or Scion ad is blazing with graffiti. HEY ADULTS! GROW THE FUCK UP. HEY COP! GET OUT OF YOUR CAR AND EXPLAIN TO THE KID WHY IT’S WRONG AND MAKE HIM CLEAN IT UP RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT. THEN DRIVE HIM HOME AND MAKE HIM EXPLAIN TO HIS PARENTS WHY HE IS IN THE BACK OF A COP CAR. Is that really so hard? YOU ARE WASTING OUR TAXPAYER MONEY WITH THIS NONSENSE!

2 thoughts on “Kids Being Kids & Pigs Being Pigs: Police ARREST Children For Writing on Stuff

  1. You got that right ! Corpus Christi is indeed full of fucking idiots. I am reluctant to tell anyone that is not from here that I was born in this town of retards. What is worse is that the nation as a whole is fully swamped with idiots. Just watch one of Mark Dice’s videos to see. I can imagine what the responses would be if he were to present local residents here with his petitions.

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