June 9, 2023

Kenji Nakayama | Woodward Gallery NYC | Opening Party

When your art is this badass, it usually comes with a certain arrogance. But when it comes to Kenji, he is the most humble, honest, respectful, a little bit shy, and straight up an all around good dude. So you can imagine that his first NYC solo show this past Saturday (May 6th), at Woodward Gallery, was packed with familiar faces and new admirers.

Here is what the night looked like through my lens:

The Gallery

And don’t worry, if you didn’t get a chance to check it out at the opening, the show will be up until July 7th.

After a super successful opening, you have to travel with your party of 15 to your local Vietnamese place for some grub. Luckily they could accomodate our party in 5 minutes… Unreal!

And while your at it, why not tell the waiter that it is Big Jus’ birthday, definitely was not, and make him stand on a chair while everyone sings…


Then after that, hit the bars hard for a night of shenanigans.

This would be when the good camera went away, and the phone became the lens. I would much rather have a broken phone then my nikon…

The morning came with the consequences of a good night, the hangover that everyone was feeling. This quickly being cured by a latte, super nice weather, some grub in the park, and a nice Retna piece.

All in all it was an amazing trip filled with great people, amazing art, ridiculous conversations, and a ton of booze. Kenji’s hard work has gotten him everything he has and I am glad I was there to reap the benefits! To Kenji!



7 thoughts on “Kenji Nakayama | Woodward Gallery NYC | Opening Party

  1. awesome photos buddy! that was a great night….a little fuzzy after oh say, the 3rd bar but excellent times had by all 🙂

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