June 8, 2023

Joseph Stack | IRS Bomber’s Manifesto

First of all, I don’t like how the media has let this one go. I guarantee you if this man had one hair on his dick that praised Allah, we would have 24 hour news coverage in Austin, Texas. But what can the pundits and the figureheads do when it was one of their own? A businessman, musician, computer nerd, wealthy white guy flies a plane into a building? They don’t know what the fuck to do with that. So they sweep it under the rug, call him troubled, and move on with top stories of American Idols and inclement weather. Maybe this one is close to my heart because it happened in my home state. Maybe it’s because there was a shitty president who wants to be from my state so bad and he waged an un-winnable war against terror and never counted on pissing off his own flock so badly that they would copy the actions of some 3rd world cave-people as well as waste hundreds of thousands of innocent lives in the meantime. So how come we as Americans stand for this shit? Doesn’t this one act prove that there is absolutely no reason to be in Iraq or Afghanistan? Why be afraid of people oceans away when our own citizens are willing to commit the same acts? There is a fundamental problem with our society and it seen in this image:

You are not the eye on top of that pyramid, you are one of those closely packed together stones-stones that have been used to build a nice view for that floating eye. Stones piled up on top of each other in close quarters with no room to breathe. How did a few white men keep hundreds of thousands of strong, young slaves under control for so many years? The slaves outnumbered the white men 10-fold, but through a few despicable, hateful acts, and control of knowledge, the white man stayed in control. How do sweatshops in Asia still exist? How come you go to a job every day where your pay is cut, your benefits erased, and yet your boss goes out and buys a new car and eats out every night? How can you stand for this?

Now, I can’t support Joseph Stack because he went out to kill innocent people to make his point and I can’t agree with that. But I’m pretty sure he put a little fear into the powers that be that day. Joseph Stack felt like he had nothing – but if a man with a plane, a house, car, and his own business feels that way then we are in some deep shit, because by most people’s standards Joseph Stack had it all…and most of us don’t even have half of that.

Remember, the victors write the history and history will probably be written to say that Joseph Stack was another crazy person who went off the deep end. And maybe he was, but I say you read his final thoughts and decide for yourselves.

And of course, only in America…a man just killed himself and one other person because of money and the widow thinks money will cure her pain.

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