February 5, 2023



JC FRIDAY takes place this Friday, December 4th. Those of you who are unfamiliar with JC FRIDAYS, Jersey City opens the doors to all of its galleries, lofts, makeshift galleries, etc and allows the public to experience art at no cost. If you live in New York City, it is a very short commute to see some great work. Ron English & KAWS both came out of the Jersey City art scene, this Friday is your chance to see the next big movement in art. Map of event HERE. Recommendations below!

I am excited for two gallery events in particular. Camilo Godoy will be showing his work on immigration at the Lenapeeps Gallery (704 Grand St. Jersey City).

In this series of color photographs accompanied by text and a two channel video piece, Godoy focuses on a homage to immigrants. By creating images that allude to notions of heroism and optimism, he puts forward his view of finding immigrants to be heroes. Godoy’s work draws upon the immigrant identity. His photographs and videos are narratives extracted from the American dream: a collective journey based on the extreme faith in courage and manifest destiny.

The second event I am anticipating is that of Tatiana Godoy (they are vary talented twins) who will be showing at The Stockinette (581 Jersey Ave. Jersey City). The show is entitled Decay and it discusses non traditional beauty through a series of captivating photographs.

She is interested in things that are not normally considered beautiful. To her, beauty can be ugly. In “Decay” she drew inspiration from the sense of strength and durability contained within the walls of old structures. In this series of photographs she documents fragmented remains of old walls in Jersey City.


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