December 3, 2022

Illegal Drug Statistics for Massachusetts | According to the DEA

Most government websites suck, but the DEA has some pretty cool info. Such as what drugs are available in any state of the union. We combed through the DEA’s site to bring y’all some interesting facts for your area. If you don’t live in Massachusetts visit this website and find your own data.

Cocaine and heroin continue to be the primary drugs of abuse in the state of Massachusetts as Colombian and Dominican traffickers dominate the distribution throughout the state. OxyContin® remains extremely popular and has been seen as a “gateway drug” to heroin use. Cocaine prices and purity levels remain stable. Crack cocaine is converted locally and/or obtained from New York, Florida and Puerto Rico. African -American violators and street gang members continue to dominate the drugs’ distribution. Abuse remains widespread and crack continues to be reported as the drug of choice within Boston city limits. Heroin distribution and use continues throughout the state. While prices have remained low at both the wholesale and retail level, heroin purity levels have begun to fluctuate with both extremely high and low purity levels encountered at the street level. Abuse continues to be widespread. Methamphetamine is available in limited quantities and is transported via express mail packages from California and the southwestern United States. Methamphetamine is rarely abused throughout the state, but prevalent among young adults between the ages of 18 to 25, members of the homosexual community and occasionally abused by individuals in their late 30s to early 40s. MDMA is widely available and in significant quantities. MDMA is found at rave parties, legitimate nightclubs, on college campuses across the state as well as among members of the homosexual community. Today, MDMA is primarily transported into New England via the New York-Vermont border with increased involvement by Asian drug trafficking organizations. Traffickers continue to divert OxyContin® via express mail shipments into the greater Boston area. Along with well organized doctor shopping rings, forged and/or altered prescriptions and diversion from individuals’ prescriptions are the most commonly found diversion methods in the state.

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