February 1, 2023

iFeel iBad | This Apple could kill you


Workers in China at the Apple factory would literally rather die than work another day. They aren’t allowed to talk to each other, and are clocking 120 hours of overtime a month. Please read the above article to learn more.

As for Steve Jobs…why the fuck am I paying so much for your products when you can’t treat the people making them well? I don’t care if the Foxconn campus has fast food restaurants, a swimming pool, etc…obviously they aren’t getting what they need or else they wouldn’t be jumping off fucking buildings! So now you are installing nets at the bottom of the buildings? Genius idea guys! Why treat the problem at the source? Why don’t you just install trampolines that can bounce the suicidal “employee” back to his workstation? I think we need to remember as a culture just because the workers are paid – doesn’t mean they aren’t slaves.

2 thoughts on “iFeel iBad | This Apple could kill you

  1. I totally agree with you about that the working conditions there must clearly be awful and have to improved, but I think you should also address the CEOs of Sony, Intel, Dell and all the other companies Foxconn produces for…

  2. Truth. This is teh problem when you become a celebrity CEO, it’s easy to praise you when you do something right and it’s easy to namedrop you when shit goes wrong. So here’s a big fuck you to Michael Dell (DELL) Howard Stringer (Sony America) and Paul S. Otellini (Intel) Profits over people gentlemen!!!!

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