February 3, 2023

How Your Tax Dollars Are Being Spent | GM



Always a day late and a dollar short, GM is gambling big with the 2011 Chevy Volt, America’s first mass-market electric vehicle. A hit on the scale of the Toyota Prius could restore GM to dominance, while a miss could seriously harm the automaker’s survival chances.

This week GM announced another major gamble — it will be pouring money into producing its electric motors itself. Engines are very complex and electric car motors are no exception. But GM is confident it’s on the right track.

The company will pour $129M USD into a White Marsh, Maryland plant which will build GM’s electric-vehicle motors – the move will add 200 jobs. The Department of Energy is chipping half of the development costs, drawn from a $105M USD EV grant GM previously received.

So if you feel kind of like a loser, are in a dead in job and you have no girl just be happy because now you are a co-owner of GM, the shittiest car-maker on the planet!

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