March 21, 2023

Hollywood Star Whacker Conspiracy | Starring Randy Quaid

Randy and Evi Quaid are seeking asylum in Canada after they reported that they are in fear for their lives from Hollywood Star Whackers. As you know I love a good conspiracy and this is a genius one! Quaid alleges that Hollywood Studio bosses are killing off celebs to rake in the profits at the box office! The first sign that this is an awesome conspiracy is when you are like huh…well, that could happen. Whether that is what is happening or not is yet to be decided, and not to be a dick, but I think Randy Quaid is far from the top of the list of celebs to kill in order to make a profit…

3 thoughts on “Hollywood Star Whacker Conspiracy | Starring Randy Quaid

  1. He’s the perfect star. Related to a huge A List actor, enough of a name to make money off of, but small enough to seem like an unrelated murder, or “accident”.

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