May 27, 2023
ed roth big daddy house industries tthu thats the hook up holiday gift idea

Holiday Gifts / Graphic T-shirt Edition

You are running out of time!

There is nothing more simple, expressive and iconic as the graphic T-shirt. It can be a great gift or go horribly wrong if you don’t judge the person right (Don’t kid yourself, you know you pass judgment on people, everyone does. The holiday season basically makes you put a dollar amount on your relationships with people). But usually it goes right and the overnight shipping fees for a shirt wont kill you (If it does you should be using your food stamps for liquor and cigarettes. Buy some god damn huggies for your sister/cousin/your toothless child). Lets do some history!

Just like light bulbs and the reach around, the t-shirt had to be invented. In the 50’s every body dressed like a Southern rapper and wore letter jackets and white T’s. Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, a pinstriper and custom car builder from Souther California who helped pioneer and lead the Kustom Kulture had a stroke of genius and one day branded a shirt with his soon to be iconic “Rat Fink” character. This lit a fire and started a craze that drove the white T into near extinction. This man made leaps and bounds and inadvertently contributed greatly to graffiti and tattoo culture. Pay respect and check out the site here.

tthu thats the hook up

Anywho, here are some T-shirts that caught my eye this year that I recomend as a quick, easy and cheap gift: First up is a tribute to Roth by one of the more important font foundry’s House Industries.

House Industries Rat Fink shirt:

ed roth big daddy house industries tthu thats the hook up holiday gift idea

Kings Ave Tattoo retro team shirt:

tthu thats the hook up tattoo commerce t shirt holiday gift


Swallows and Daggers, Hell’s Empty Devil Shirt:

swallows and daggers tthu thats the hook up gift idea t shirt

Fuckn Filthy Club House Shirt (Limited Release):

graffiti t shirt gift idea tthu thats the hook up

Super obnoxious amazing sunshine funtime explosion unicorn t shirt:

tthu thats the hook up free beer get laid asian twins vote bush occupy boston


And I’m out.


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