September 28, 2022

Holiday Gift Ideas: Sexy Lingerie


Whether your man has everything in the world or nothing at all, the one thing men always want (Christmas or not) is some good conversation and a warm bath, and maybe some new age jazz. Oh shit, that’s what girls want! We just want sex. And lots of it. So, if you are strapped for ideas or strapped for cash, wake your man up on Christmas morning in one of these get-ups and I guarantee you that the memory will last a lot longer than any Nintendo game or pair of flannel pajamas. If you are really on a budget or a bit selfish head over to Victoria’s Secret and buy one of those power bras in a holiday color scheme…but if you really want to blow your man’s “mind” go all out and get one of these Mrs. Claus outfits. I guarantee you it will be well received.

Beautiful-Woman-Sexy Christmas






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