February 9, 2023

Holiday Gift Ideas: Learn something!


Lao Tzu, the founder of taoism, once said “Give a Man a Fish, Feed Him For a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, Feed Him For a Lifetime.” This made me think of some great ideas for the holiday gift giving. You could buy your friend a cd or get them guitar lessons. Lessons come in many forms through books, websites, groups, software, or one-on-one. If you are feeling poor this year, go out and teach your friend how to make your favorite meal. You have to eat-might as well share the experience with a friend and get something a little nicer. My Mom recently put together a family cookbook at Kinko’s that probably cost her $10 each but now everyone in the fam has all the good recipes.

Personally, I have a very simple understanding of how to sew. My wife is HOPEFULLY going to find some inexpensive lessons where I can go learn how to cut patterns and put together my very own Snuggy!

Most of us listen to music on a daily basis but few of us actually make our own. If you like music but don’t think you could compose a song-learn to dj. There’s a ton of software available nowadays that can help make you sound professional with minimal experience. You’ll never be Shuttle-but you will be at least as good as the fools playing most bars on a weeknight.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Ideas: Learn something!

  1. Lao Tzu did not write, “Give a Man a Fish, Feed Him For a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, Feed Him For a Lifetime.” The only mention of the word “fish” in the Tao Te Ching is in verse 60. To wit, “Governing a large country is like frying a small fish.”

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